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1633 Mountain Road, Moncton, 

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August 3, 2017


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  While riding inland away from the cooler bay air, I found myself running low on water in 30 c + heat.  An extra bottle in the back of your jersey is a good idea on longer hot day rides, that is what the pockets are for in the back of the bike jerseys.  I also found that putting a full water bottle or 2 in the freezer helps to cool things down or get an insulated water bottle.  If you are on an extra long ride a hydration pack may be helpful to keep the H2O flowing. If you are on a really long ride take some electrolytes along in a gel pack, or chews, or an electrolyte drink mix in your water bottle to replenish your salt loss through sweat. Some gels and blocks have extra sodium in them. Stay hydrated.


Rant by Paul Echols








































Annik Belanger our Consolvo Bikes racer on her Norco Revolver.


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General Race Info

If you want to race for Consolvo Bikes the jersey colors are green, black, and white.  Just talk to one of the staff in the store if you are interested in racing road, mountain, downhill, or cyclocross.  You will have to join Velo New Brunswick to race,  but if you want to just try one race you can race as a Citizen and pay for the day of the race.  Check out  Have a great summer!

Skate sharpening at Consolvo Bikes only $6.00 per pair including tax.

                                                  Bill Consolvo riding the Specialized Venge at the product launch in Montreal in 2012.