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June 5, 2017

Pedal selection is, like most bike- related topics, a matter of personal preference and budget.

Some cyclists will always be more comfortable using a flat pedal (with great variety available based on the type of cycling you will do).  That said, most cycling enthusiasts are more likely to choose either pedals with toe clips and straps or clipless pedals, that combine a use-specific pedal with a cleat, that is attached to the cycling shoes.  For professionals and enthusiasts, this last style (clipless) is always preferred since performance on the bike is improved by their use.

Newbies to the joys of cycling can initially be intimidated by the idea of being "locked" into position on a bike, but the benefits of fit and performance generally out way those concerns and it's a short lived worry that a few rides will dissipate.  Happy Cycling!


Rant by Peter Guravich





















BMX, Cruisers, and Fixies

BMX Bikes Updated June 17, 2017

2016 Subrosa Altus Black/Blue 20"TT was $510.00 now $449.00.

2015 Verde Eon Silver 20" TT was $539.00 now $450.00.

2015 Verde Eon Black 20" TT was $539.00 now $450.00.

2009 Norco BMX Expert green was $525.00 now $399.00.

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New Manhattan Green Cruisers in stock at great prices. Just received a new Manhattan Smoothie in a Man's Blue and a Woman's Red.

Everyday low prices. 


Updated April 28, 2017

2011 Norco Spade Med black/purple was $740.00 now $700.00.