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June 2, 2018

Well now Father's Day, graduations, grading presents, and summer vacations are upon us.  We have the bikes, gear, car racks, clothing, helmets and shoes and gift cards for you. Check out the red hot sales to get really sweet deals. 

Triathlon season is starting up, too. We have the bikes and gear for that too.  We can sell you a bike, give you a free professional fit when you buy a bike from us, which has to be scheduled in advance with our staff. 

The MS ride is coming up and Bill will be the mechanic on duty for the Sussex to Saint John ride again.  We are a major sponsor for that event.

Be safe out there and purchase your blinky lights to be visible and wear bright clothing.  Take an extra tube along with you in case you have a flat tire.

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Updated January 11, 2018

 In stock, what a great way to ride your bike inside and watch TV, and some of the smart trainers allow you to ride with others online with swift, and the trainers fold away when not in use.  Ride inside when the roads are terrible instead of trying to get to the gym:

Cyclops 9801 Silencer with Cassette $839.99.

Kinetic Rock n Roll Smart Trainer $729.00.

Kinetic Road Machine Smart Trainer $530.00.

Evo Spin Mag with Remote $199.99.

Tacx Blue Matic at $249.99.